Ex prison inmates of reddit what are some common misconceptions about prison?

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Ex-con here I was in for 28years and when I was getting ready to go home it was the officers not the inmates who gave me the hardest time everyone was glad I was getting out the officers kept doing sh#t so I would loose my date finally I had to request protective custody so I could finish doing my time in peace.


Not an inmate but I used to help my dad volunteer at a maximum security prison. A lot of people say stuff like “Watch out for the lifers, they have nothing to lose if they want to kill you” but it’s usually not true. Though if I had to guess lifers want people to believe that. When serving a life sentence your whole life is prison. Every comfort you have is from hard earned privileges and routine. The last thing you want is to stab some dumbass kid and lose your job, or get moved to another prison, or even just get put in another cell block. Lifers are more likely to stay out of trouble. Young, dumb first-timers are the troublemakers. They’re either trying to establish a reputation for themselves, or they’re scared, or they don’t understand prison boundaries yet so they’re going around stepping on people’s toes because nobody has set them straight yet.


That there’s a ton of horrific rape going on. There’s plenty of prison sex going on, but most of us like it! Jk In all seriousness, it’s that it’s this thunderdome of constant fighting and whatnot. Most guys just want to do their time and go home. So as long as you don’t talk a lot of shit, rack up gambling debts, or get too involved in any one else’s bullshit, you’ll probably be alright. Fighting happens, but it’s generally about commissary or contraband that someone feels owed for. Occasionally it’s just male posturing, but that usually means shit talking occurred.


Respect is a big thing in jail, but it is talked about in movies alot more than it is in prison. I also knew a snitch in jail and he was never bothered because everyone was afraid he would lie and get them into trouble. But the last thing, cigarette are not a currency anymore, it is all stamps


Jail rather than prison, but, a lot less happens inside than what you see in any movie/tv show ever. A whole lot more time where nothing interesting is happening. I’ve also seen people make fun of juvenile detention as if it’s kindergarten or something. I’ve been in juvie too and given the choice between juvie and jail I would go for jail. Juvie is way more unpredictable, juveniles are way less likely to follow ‘inmate rules’, juvie is way more annoying and has way more random fights than jail does.