Federal court rules veggie burgers can still be named burgers, for now

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Saying that you can only call something a hamburger if it comes from Hamburg makes more sense than trying to say you can’t use the term veggie burgers.


Makes sense, as ‘burger’ does not necessarily imply meat; it seems like the law was way too broad. It would make sense (IMO) that unqualified words that actually mean meat could be restricted to products that are meat. So, ‘bacon’ is restricted to bacon from a pig; ‘turkey bacon’ can come from a turkey; ‘veggie bacon’ is from vegetables. It would make sense to require labeling that clearly says that. If you look at the label of Tofurky, it clearly says ‘Plant-Based’.


I’m surprised this even became an issue. Being non-meat is the biggest selling point for veggie burgers. Restaurant that sell it are pretty loud and clear which menu item is their veggie burger.


Who would buy a product simply labelled “sausages”? Everyone buying sausages reads the other words, so they know if they’re buying pork, beef, or veggie sausages etc. Of course, jokes on them, half that cheap pork sausage probably *is* plant-based fillers.


The complaint from lobbyists that calling plant based products milk or meat is misleading customers has always been a load of bull. If you can’t compete than GTFO.