Finland is winning the war on fake news. What it’s learned may be crucial to Western democracy

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Only education can win over information warfare. Perhaps USA should start investing in education as a defense policy.


I’ve been saying for years that the most important class we could teach in schools is critical thinking / propaganda resistance. Every year from k-12.


But we won’t listen to what they have learned because it helps those in power stay there.


This sounds great but I’m not sure what hope it gives us here in North America. Two things greatly complicate the issue here: we’re pretty dumb and don’t forget Fox news and their propaganda machine.


As a finn i’d like to say that fake news is not the issue but a symptom. The issue itself is our useless politicans that have fed this symptom for a decade. Our economy is not growing like it should and it’s still below the levels of pre 2008 financial crisis. Like it or not that reflects on ordinary people. When you have masses without a hope for a better tomorrow then it’s pretty easy to shout half-truths in internet as an only solution. Currently our whole goverment is a big fucking mess. They don’t get along and because of that and straight up lying our prime minister and minister of public ownership resigned, latter had another ministerial post in a new goverment despite of that. A week later we have a new goverment with a new crisis because they still don’t get in line, probably because their voter bases are too different. Because of that they evade speaking straight about any issues, too scared to lose their voters. Only reason why there has not been another elections yet is their fear of current opposition parties. Tl;dr our political system is currently a complete clusterfuck and is only feeding fake news with its utter lack of transparency.