Five aides resign from office of Democrat expected to switch parties

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>Internal polling has shown he was losing major support from Democrats in the district, Democratic sources told CNN on Saturday. Switching parties would allow Van Drew to avoid a Democratic primary challenge for his seat. So basically he knew he was going to lose if he got primaried if he ran as a Democrat so rather than shifting his policies left to winback Democrat support he doubled down went far right and is hoping the GOP will bail him out next election cycle. Fuck off. Anyone with any dignity who found themselves in that position would realize their views do not match their constituents anymore and resign allowing them to vote for a new congressman in a special election instead of suddenly getting sideswiped by some GOP partisan hack when they voted for a Democrat.


He’s the perfect republican. He betrayed the interests of those who elected him.


By January 2021, this traitor will be begging for a Fox contributor job.


To switch to the gop NOW, of all times, shows a truly impossible level of craven. He is going to get annihilated in november.


Wait, New Democrat is immediately switching parties? Yeah maybe he should be forced to pay back any campaign funds he spend on behalf of the democratic convention, something also tells me there is probably something wrong with hiding your true political motives until after being elected.