Fox News poll finds a wealth tax is far more popular than Trump’s wall

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Until they start screaming it on the morning shows like they do about everything else, it’s just another piece of CYA they toss out now and again.


2/3rds of respondents support a wealth tax (i.e a super majority). The percent of respondents who support the wall maps very closely to the number of respondents who said they support Trump (~2/5ths)


Fox News poll comment sections are always fun. Tons of readers questioning the people who were polled and saying Fox News is too far left. It’s always interesting the lengths people go to make their own reality.


If you vote Republican, you are either a billionaire, or a sucker. To learn which of these you are, check your bank statement. Seems that Fox’s audience is finally getting around to checking their wallets.


The Medicare for all bit always surprises me when I see it so low. Do people not understand how insurance works? It’s so high because so many don’t pay, aren’t buying the amount they need, aren’t getting preventative treatment and/or paperwork to coordinate all the interstate things that happen. Medicare for all solves all of those problems and ensures *every person in the “greatest country on earth”* can go to the doctor when they should. Like, WTF people. If more people are paying in **you pay less!**