Giuliani Ally Says $1 Million From Russia Was Loan to Wife

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Open corruption is what Trump promised America and exactly what he has delivered


>Monday’s filing by Parnas’ lawyer said the $1 million didn’t belong to Parnas but was a loan to Svetlana for a term of 60 months at a 5% annual interest rate. It didn’t say who made the loan. That’s around $18,900 per month payment, and the article says she is a stay at home mom worth about $200k in assets.


>Got a call from Parnas’s wife Nunes


>The filing left much unexplained about the payment, including who provided it or what it was for. Prosecutors said Svetlana Parnas is a stay-at-home mother with $210,000 in assets of cash and jewelry, raising questions about why a lender would extend a $1 million loan to her. The little lady’s knitting habit is getting out of control, yes comrade?


Of course! His wife’s fault! Why didn’t anyone think of that before now…. /s