Gluten-free jesus

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Anytime a religious person makes an acknowledgement of science for religious purposes it is always amusing. You can look up videos where fundamentalist Christians argue that Mormons are full of shit because DNA analysis shows that native Americans cant be descendants of the Jews. But these same people can’t acknowledge evolution which can also be shown with dna analysis.


A friend of mine told her family “I can’t take communion; I’m vegetarian” and they were offended.


Sounds like a fantastic question for the in laws!! On a side note, being an atheist and feeling the requirement to attend church is yet another thing wrong with religious people. No atheist has ever attended church and suddenly sprang to their feet exclaiming “I HAVE FOUND THE LORD!! THANK YOU JESUS!!”


It’s kinda hard to explain transubstantiation… even most Catholics don’t understand it and just think it’s a metaphor. But the crux is that the “substance” or essence of the bread is changed into the body of Christ… not the molecular/physical structure. And it only is the body of Christ as long as the bread is bread… if you for example dissolve the bread in water, burn it, etc, it no longer is the body. I get it how it’s funny to discuss this among atheist… but don’t try to use this in a theological debate with a believer… because you‘ll look like a fool who doesn’t know what he’s talking about it, making your case weaker. This is something Matt Dillahunty always says… and I agree. Don’t do as some suggested and ask your in-laws because all it’s gonna do is then thinking you don’t have any good argument against the existence of god if this is the best you can come up with.


It is entertaining foolishness. Clearly, there should be no contention; the purple unicorns run fastest!