Goldman Sachs on Monday announced its plan to invest $750 billion over 10 years to fight climate change by funding sustainable development. Goldman Sachs plans to invest in five areas: clean energy, sustainable transportation, food and agriculture, waste and materials, and ecosystem services

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Even Goldman Sachs is divesting from fossil fuels. They won’t finance Arctic oil drilling for instance. Clean energy is wind, solar, and lithium ion battery storage; sustainable transportation is EVs as in no oil. It should be fairly obvious the fossil fuel era is coming to a crashing end. Real soon.


If they are doing it for the environment, we win and it proves the environment is in danger. If they are doing it for money, we win and it proves that it was the economical choice all along. Win win.


Not really understanding all the comments about “they’re only doing it for profit”. Well no shit, it’s 750 billion dollars. How are companies supposed to operate? And while everyone is complaining, they’re missing the big point, which is that sustainable energy solutions are becoming profitable, which is the only way they’re ever going to be adopted across the board. I get that the whole “corporations are bad” thing is kind Reddits go-to on anything companies do, but what’s so wrong with everyone winning? Edit: Thanks for the Gold!


Obviously they are doing this because they think they are going to profit. I don’t think they have suddenly become interested in doing “the right thing”. It’s all about money. If, a couple of years from now it looks like they are not going to profit, they will drop the program like it never happened.


Oh the whole lie that going green hurts jobs is nonsense. Creating demand for something never translates that way. The only issue is the coal miners who don’t want to transition away from their current income generator. Course I don’t feel too sorry for them I’ve been laid off and forced to switch career paths too so like suck it up.