Good idea to temporarily take up trail running instead of weightlifting?

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A 2 week deload from lifting doesn’t have to be a bad thing, especially if you are replacing it with another form of activity. You won’t lose all your gains because you stop lifting for 2 weeks, and an occasional break for recovery can be a good idea. If it were me, I’d increase my lifting volume leading into the 2 week break, then do some jogging and light bodyweight work while away from the gym, like you suggested.


its two weeks. even if you sat on your ass for those 2 weeks it wouldnt make too much of a difference. do it if you want to.


Seems to be like a lot of overthinking for something simple. Go be active whether it’s trail running, walking, ab work, whatever. Also, enjoy the holidays and time with family and friends, it’s only 14 days.


Do you have any base for running? With no base, jumping right to 10-15 miles per week from zero seems like it’s a recipe for some type of annoying overuse injury like shinsplints or something like that. I would just be careful you dont injure yourself running and put yourself out of the gym when you get back. I find that as a moderately fit person it’s easy to over train when I start a new skill because I have a good fitness base but theres always some random muscle group the new skill requires that is lagging behind my general abilities, combined with enthusiasm for something new, = overuse injury.


Couldn’t matter less. It’s two weeks. Do whatever you feel like. I’d recommend just hiking instead of trail running though. Sucks a lot less.