Greenland’s ice losses have septupled and are now in line with its highest sea-level scenario, scientists say | “What that means is that really, the midrange scenario becomes what was previously the upper scenario, & they will have to invent a new upper scenario because one currently doesn’t exist.”

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I am literally terrified our leaders have completely and utterly failed us


Who else thinks there is now a real chance of seeing billions of climate refugees, massive food and water shortages, and resulting global conflicts within their own lifetime? Edit: Seems that many of you have felt this in your hearts for a while. We must be brave enough to talk about these things face to face with people we know and love. It’s probably too late, but our one remaining hope is to rapidly shift the Overton window on this topic and spark a mass awakening. Even if it doesn’t save us, better to go down mad as hell than to curl up in defeat. Join the conversation: r/collapse


While it may be satisfying to string up the oligarchs and politicians after the apocalypse… that satisfaction is not worth losing our civilization, flawed as it is. Let’s keep fighting to turn back the tide. Project vesta. Hardcore reforestation. Other wacky geoengineering schemes. We can no longer pretend that this planet will take care of itself as if we weren’t dominating the ecology. Either we destroy the rest of the ecosystem and die with it, or become very good planetary gardeners.


But GDP is at an all time high, and we’re building a wall to keep the darker people out.


In about 5-10 years will all be asking each other “when did you realize we were fucked?” and my answer will be this article on December 11th 2019.