How are you guys out there just doing life with no antidepressants, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or anti psychotics? What’s that like?

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Well it’s pretty much like you’re aware all the time of everything. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes it’s not.


It’s amazing. I’m 3 years sober after a 10 year battle with substance abuse, and I’m realizing everything I had been missing. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been totally worth it. I recently went to a concert. It was nothing fancy, just a small ska show, and it was crazy to me how I used to go to those things so messed up, sometimes with barely a recollection of it afterward. I took in all the sights, smells, sounds completely sober. It was like a whole new world. I recommend it if at all possible.


I’m sure this will sound preachy as fuck, but get outside and get active. The percentage of sedentary people I know who are constantly skirting the edge of some kind of mental breakdown is huge. The percentage of people I go hiking or rock climbing or skiing with who have those same problems is almost non-existent. I think people forget that we’re one step away from monkeys. Like, it’s cool to have grand ideas. It’s cool to make art, it’s cool to found a new company, it’s cool talk on reddit, or to take a date to the jazz festival downtown, or to try that new brewery. All that stuff is fun and important for stimulating the part of us that is separate from the monkeys we descended from. But we’re only like one step away from being those monkeys. We’re not *that* different. And just like it’s super important to have some kind of intellectual stimulation, it’s equally important to just use your fucking body. Go climb a mountain, or run for ten miles, or go swimming for an hour in the morning. Get sweaty as fuck, freeze your balls off, all that stuff. You’re an animal. You’re not *that* different from a monkey, so stop acting like it. My experience is that whenever I’m sedentary and stuck at home, I start to feel isolated and drink beer or overeat or whatever. But on the weeks where I went hiking twice, went to the climbing gym three times, and got a few good runs in? I’m rock solid. I’ll *maybe* have one beer, and I’ll probably regret it halfway through. Though I do always enjoy a beer or two socially, that’s more of a having-fun-with-friends thing and doesn’t really have anything to do with my mental health.


I’m vibin


Sober 34 years. Life is good most of the time. When it’s not, it gets good again soon enough.