How do you tell if someone is attracted to you or just being very friendly?

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If they act the exact same way with other people, you’re out of luck.


Someone tells you years later.


As my dear old dad used to say: “Women who work for tips are NOT flirting with you”


If they’re a cashier / waiter / clerk etc, don’t get your hopes up.


I was once called into HR for allegedly flirting with an employee (not part of my own team). Her proof? I was always friendly, offered her milk to go with her coffee, and worst of all once at an after work, I bought a round of drinks for everyone (her included). The head of HR was a bit puzzled about the whole situation, and asked her what would she then suggest we do to resolve the situation, and she requested that I would stop being friendly to her – and just leave her be. This poor woman just could not accept that I was being friendly.