In Massive Report, House Dems Accuse Trump of Breaking the Law and ‘Betraying the Nation’

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I’d just like to say to my fellow Georgia voters: “No thanks for voting in Doug Collins. What a bootlicking assclown you elected.”


Pro-Impeachment Demonstrations are happening across the country tomorrow, Tuesday 12/17 at 5:30pm local time. Find your nearest protest at


It’s not so much an accusation as an impartial collection of facts. He’s a lawbreaking traitor.


Yes. Exactly.


>”Included in the report was a 20-page dissent from Rep. Doug Collins (R- Ga.), which argued that the “record put forth by the Majority is based on inferences built upon presumptions and hearsay.” “In short, the Majority has failed to make a credible, factually-based allegation against this president that merits impeachment,” Collins wrote.” LOL, Forgetting how many people admitted to it on national tv? Talk about gaslighting.