In the early 1960s 19.5% of Americans lived on less than $9,269 per year (in 2017-dollars). Today only 2.3% do.

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The main issue with this paper is that it counts the profits of the health care industry as income for low income people. The various Census Bureau poverty measures still show around 40 million people in poverty if you don’t assign health care industry profits to them.


Is this better or worse when you consider that most women didn’t work in the 60s?


Which is why these narratives get so tired after a while


In the 60s the average person in the world has never ridden in a car. Today anyone with Wikipedia have access to more knowledge than anyone single person in history.


so 2.3% of Americans make less than 9.3k per year, and 44% make 18k or less per year….. that seems incredibly unlikely to me. Note that i’m saying that 44% make less than 18k per year is BS not that this number is BS