Instilling religion into kids truly is a form of child abuse

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It is they single worse thing about religion, before you ever have a chance to object your parents take you and lobotomize you forever stunting your potential and throwing you in deep hole of complete ignorance that very few ever actually escape.


The abuse is really bad when you have people saying to a child that they go to hell for not obeying the parents, or saying Jesus watches eveything and knows your thoughts. That kind of talk can mess up someone for life. What kind of person threatens a child by saying they will burn forever in hell?


If I actually meet so called God, I would show him the middle finger and say ” Piss off, pisshead!”.


Children should not be taught about god whatsoever, especially a Christian one. The Bible even says that children don’t need salvation before a certain age, because they are still pure. God is a horrible concept to teach children. Kids should be taught to value their own opinions and values, and uphold themselves. Counting on god is a waste of good time.


I personally consider hell a concept of child abuse.