Iowa home with Confederate, Nazi displays gets vandalized

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> Stark blamed “society today” for the complaints over the flags. He said the swastika flag is historical because it was what the Germans painted on their airplanes during World War II. He said he thought it was in “better taste” than the standard Nazi flag that contains just the swastika. A burning cross is also a historical symbol. Why doesn’t he put one of those on his lawn too?


>When asked what he would say to a hypothetical Holocaust survivor who has concerns about the pallets, Stark said: “I’m sorry for their luck, but I don’t mean nothing by it. I don’t judge you. Only person that’s supposed to judge me is the Lord, you know what I mean? I don’t judge nobody else, don’t judge me.” Nah, I’m going to judge you as a racist piece of shit.


>” I don’t judge nobody else, don’t judge me.” You’re implicitly siding with anti-semites, nazis, and white supremacists. That sounds an awful lot like judging to me. >Stark said he had already sold the painting of a flag with a swastika. He said he displayed it in his front yard because the buyer dared him to do it. >“He dared me to put it out with the rebel flags because he knew I got grief about the rebel flags,” Stark told Des Moines station KCCI. Ah yes the last interview didn’t mention shit about him putting it out on his lawn as a “dare” he only said “people didn’t know their history” if they had a problem with it. This racist cunt is just hoping to become a martyr and rake in some easy cash from gullible racists with a gofundme.


“Vandalized” means something was ruined, unlike the improvements made as noted here.


He blames *society today*. I blame stupid people that are too ignorant to even understand how transparent their bullshit excuses are, and feign shock and outrage at *society*. dumb fuck..