Ivanka Trump Interviewed by Her Own Spokeswoman in Doha While More Powerful Leaders Face Journalists: MSNBC host Mohyeldin wrote, “No other government official attending this forum is being interviewed by a spokesman for that government.”

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The bigger question is why on Earth is Ivanka Trump considered a government official.


Nobody in the trump family ever answers questions from anyone that isn’t friendly, it’s literally been years since any of them have answered a difficult question.


Probably because she’s not a leader, she’s the daughter of the president. How many other daughter’s of presidents are wandering around Doha pretending to be someone that accomplished something on their own merit?


This very bizarre dysfunctional bubble family all need to live in their safe place bubble, being such fragile things that they are. Junior runs away when asked questions, Donny the Disturbed has twitter jitters when ever something doesn’t go right and surrounds himself with nothing but yes men and henchmen, Melanoma has her Baron Be Best Program, Who knows WTFs going on with Eric, then you have the Ivanka with her special bubble wrap interviews. A very strange brew they are.


They can’t win if they don’t cheat