Lindsey Graham ‘is not worthy of this state,’ challenger Jaime Harrison tells Democrats

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My god! They said his name in a headline!


So he DOES have a name.


VOLUNTEER and DONATE!! Every bit helps.


> Harrison said his campaign is seeking to help others. He said he cooked dinner Friday for parents of hospitalized children at the Ronald McDonald House in Greenville. He promised to turn over $20,000 at the end of December from his campaign account to the state Democratic Party to assist other candidates. > >[…] > > “People all across this state and across this country have given up all hope because when they turn on their TV, when they open up their newspaper, when they read each and every day all they see is racism, hatred and vitriol. It is now time for us to give those people hope once again.” EXCELLENT, this is how you run a southern campaign. His grassroots efforts have been phenomenal with all his programs to help people who support him. It’s brilliant and really paying off. The southern republicans that like him want to vote for a nice guy without being vilified. More than his poll numbers, it’s his campaigning style that’s really making me believe in him. I rolled my eyes into oblivion when I say him on Bill Maher saying he was running a ‘civil’ campaign. But this is great; civility doesn’t have to equal passive weakness.


I’m from and live in Charleston, Lyndsey spoke at my commencement from Clemson in ’99. Fuck Senator Graham .