LPT: Buy a vacuum sealer. When meat goes on sale, stock up, portion out, and freeze. Not only will this save you money, you’ll also have dinner options on hand when you don’t feel like shopping.

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How much more freezer time do you get with a vacuum sealed bag than, say, just a gallon size ziplock bag that you squeeze the air out of?


And then learn to sous vide!


A freezer around 16cubic feet pulls over 400 watt hours a year or around $60 depending on where you live. Initial investment of around $500 if you buy used or off brand new, lasting about 10 years, would cost around $50 a year. Not to mention the floor space to store it, so with a footprint of 3 square feet, we will assume $1000 for 1000sqft, so $3 a year. This is a total of $113 a year, or about $10/month. I’ve seen meat go on sale for $.50-$1.00/lb. so each month you’d need to eat a minimum of 10-20lbs of meat to offset your costs. This of course ignores travel costs to the store. But honestly it’s a crapshoot to save a few bucks a year. It’s way better to go in with some people and buy a cow from a farmer and have a butcher cut it up for you. A quarter cow can last a family of four for about a year. Not only is this more cost effective, but you know the exact source of your meat.


I also cook a big batch of rice and divide it into freezer bags. great to have on hand for a meal. Also, when you have some fish, shrimp, etc left over you can keep a freezer bag where you keep them and make a fish chowder or soup wen you have enough…same with meat and you can use in a soup or stew.