LPT: Don’t Always try to escape boredom, your genius is located somewhere within it!

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You are right too many people run to their phone for entertainment. I love to have nothing to do and just think.


I don’t know about you, but my “creative thinking” and “boredom” cancel each other out. If I’m bored, all I can think about is how bored I am, and then I need something external to breake out of it (or sleep. Sleep also helps). If I’m content (or feeling any emotion), I can easily “do nothing” and just think, scribble, doodle,… and be creative (and not bored)


Rest times definitely help me. I wouldn’t say it makes me more creative. I’d say it releases me from patterns of thought. There’s plenty of evidence to support rest helping learning. Boredom is just a form of rest. Some people don’t like to rest…or have persuaded themselves that they don’t. When you stop learning, you stop growing.


I mean it depends what for if I trying to play smash I will create random combos that I wouldnt have thought of but then I will practice it but for most of it your right