LPT: if you are an extroverted person, invite your introverted friends to things. Odds are they either didn’t get invited or wouldnt go without someone they know.

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As an introvert, I can confirm. Sometimes we wanna go to things but are too anxious/ awkward to go alone


Warning: don’t be surprised if your introverted friend declines the invitation due to the very nature of hisher personality


In my experience being introverted and having anxiety is not the same. Stop telling yourself, that you are just an introvert, so it’s OK to have social anxiety. It is not ok and you can start working on your anxiety asap. I was a shut in introvert my whole life, but at some point I just decided to embrace the awkwardness and now I am doing small talk to strangers. It really helps my confidence. You just have to start, I did it by getting drunk and pressuring myself to talk to girls. Truly a gamechanger.


Introverted with people I don’t know >> Don’t know many people so I’m usually the one inviting the same 3 or 4 people out to do things >> Still end up doing most things alone. What now?