LPT: if you don’t have the confidence to ask someone out on a date, try the nonchalant “we should hang out sometime” instead to gauge their reaction. It will be a lot less awkward if they show no interest because you didn’t formally ask.

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Being vague is the best was to get a vague answer, which can easily lead to you feeling ‘friendzoned’. Be direct and take rejection politely. Then don’t be a creep about it.


LPT: Just ask them out. It’s only as big a deal as you make it. Same goes for any possible rejection: it’s only as big a deal as you make it. If people didn’t wait so long to ask people out, they wouldn’t build up so many serious feelings that would make rejection such a big deal. Ask them out for coffee or a drink. If they say no thanks, that’s too bad for them and onto the next. And what’s more? Say yes to getting coffee or a drink when asked unless there’s some real reason not to (e.g. creepy, bad person, etc.). You might be pleasantly surprised. If you realize during the date that you’re not a match, just be honest with them about it. They’ll live. It was just an hour you spent together. Best wishes to all for happy lives with wonderful partners. Edit: and no means no. If they say no, don’t ask again.


God, my coworker has been saying “We should hang out some time.” Soooo many times. This is not a date thing, this is a friend thing. YOU ARE 12 YEARS OLDER THAN ME AND WE HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON. PLEASE STOP ASKING ME, JENNIFER! But awareness is key. I started off with excuses, then ignoring the question, and now I just say “I can’t” with no excuses. Please send help.


This is terrible advice. Don’t do this. You will end up worse than you started off.