LPT: If you find someones ID and you live in the US, you can return it to them by dropping it into any outgoing mailbox. USPS will return it to the address on the license no postage required

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They’ll return the whole wallet. Cash will probably be missing if there is any but at least they’ll get their shit back.


Many states don’t require you to get a new license when your address changes, even though you have notified the state of your new address. In Arizona, for instance, you can keep the DL issued to you at age 16 until you are 55 years old. If your state does not require a new license to be issued every time you change your address, you should not do this, as the post office will not verify the residency of that person, and now some random person has that DL. It is better to turn it in to the police, as they can verify that person’s current address and make sure it gets back to them.


or give it to a cop,


i found someones wallet once, first thing i did was look them up on facebook because i didnt want to send a wallet to an old address, and so they knew it was in the mail.