LPT: No matter how much you trust them or how close you are, never expect to get lent money back.

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You also learn who your real friends are. I went and visited a buddy this past summer in Pittsburgh. We did a small road trip to D.C. and on the way there, his car broke down, so we had to get it towed to a shop and fixed up. Unfortunately, my friend isn’t in the best financial situation, so I had to pay for the tow and the fix (about $650 USD.) I live overseas, and the guy paid me the full amount back in 2 month, while living even more frugally than he is used to, just to pay me back. I’ve blacklisted people for not paying back less. Best friend ever.


I lent a friend $50 bucks and I never saw him again. Best 50 bucks I ever spent.


My grandmother lent me $800 and you better believe I paid her back. What broke my heart was when she told me about all the money she lent my cousins and sisters that she never got back. She said “You’re the only one that’s paid me back.”


I’ve always just heard this as “Only lend money you’re OK with never seeing again.”