LPT: Take the first parking space you see when arriving at a busy store or venue. You’ll get inside faster, eliminate driving congestion, and burn a few extra calories on your way to the entrance.

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I usually park near the end of the lot to avoid the idiots at the front. They are the ones that ding your car because they park to close or just don’t care and swing the door open. The people towards the end of the lot generally are there for the same reason so they have more respect for other people’s vehicles.


I’m not falling for this bullshit you’re peddling. You want me to park at the back of the lot while you get prime parking. I’m on to you OP.


A recent study showed the fastest way to get into a shopping centre is to take the second available car park spot you see. Those who parked in the first spot they saw spent the longest getting to the shopping centre, followed by those who try and park closest to the entrance


I’ve done this my entire life by default, I don’t think any spot hunter has ever beaten me inside unless they’re actually running. I swear those people are the same ones who speed up to pull in front of you only to then turn forcing you to brake.