Mike Green: “Americans have made more money investing in index funds than they have with active managers or with other vehicles. That’s very easy to demonstrate in the past. But there’s very little ability to actually detect the emergent phenomenon that are being created because of this.”

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This sounds suspiciously like a repainted ETF bubble conversation. The ETF bubble topic has been talked to death. With fractional shares and zero commissions, the next revolution in the markets will be the completely customized ETF. M1 Finance is already doing it, more or less. So, ETF’s and the general concept of an ETF like vehicle, is not going anywhere. It’s how everyone does long term investing these days.


Index funds are nothing new. It has always been difficult to beat the S&P 500. Money managers have always been kind of a scam since the rate to which they have been able to outpace the market has always sucked.


$BA and $PG for the 401K wins!


There is a great episode on this with Raul and Mike at Real Vision. I highly recommend it too! Anyone thinks gold is good alternative investment because of overvalued stocks and potentially not enough liquidity due to passive investing?


I’m still convinced half of the US market is being propped up by Robinhood alone. Investing has never been so accessible.