Mississippi doctor convicted of groping woman during flight

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Just what you want in a pediatrician.


Call me closed minded, but when I read “Mississippi doctor” I was not expecting “Rajesh Subramanya”


> When FBI agents arrived at Subramanya’s Oxford home during the investigation, he told authorities the victim was leaning toward his seat as she slept and he took that to mean “she welcomed his touch,” an FBI agent wrote. So even in his justification, *she wasn’t conscious?!?!?!* What a piece of shit. Hopefully he returns to the designated street where he belongs.


Ah man. We don’t want him. I hope at least he won’t be allowed to practice here.


This doctor is a real randy guy. He also thinks he is some clever sneak, but the woman was not like the dummies he’s used to dealing with. According to the article, this woman was able to figure out exactly what he was doing when he put his hands up her bra. And then she went to the FBI.