Mitch McConnell is “in literal violation of the oath” he must take for impeachment trial, says government professor

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The dude openly said he was going to work with the White House to defend the president, that’s like being a juror in a murder trial who stands up and announces that he’s declaring the murderer innocent and will now be taking over as his lawyer


Oaths mean nothing to him.


Pro-Impeachment Demonstrations are happening across the country tomorrow, Tuesday 12/17 at 5:30pm local time. Find your nearest protest at


Should Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham not be disqualified by Chief Justice Roberts after admitting that they are coordinating with the subject of the impeachment and have already promised to break the oath they must take once the trial begins? They have promised to not be the impartial jurors the oath requires them to be. They should be disqualified from participating in the trial. Which brings us down to only 65 Senators needed to convict.


Theres no remedy baked into the constitution for a senate leader that doesnt do his job. Madison just never envisioned that such a person would somehow still be popular. We should **boycott Kentucky** untill McConnell does his job. They’ve fucked the rest of the union for long enough with their senators.