Netflix blasted for ‘gay Jesus’ portrayal, petition collects more than 1.3M signatures

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>More than 1.3 million people have signed a petition calling for Netflix to remove the Christmas parody special, “The First Temptation of Christ”, over its portrayal of a possibly gay Jesus Or, maybe, you could just… I dunno.. not watch it? It’s amazing how that works.


Bet they won’t do Gay Muhammad though. Not only would that be offensive to the left – they might get their studio shot up too!


Remember that time christians mocked muslims for getting upset over mohamad being depicted on south park? Stating how they should just accept free speech? Yeah that but unironically.


I hadn’t even heard of this before now, so all they’ve achieved so far is increasing the number of viewers by 1.


Hmmm they shoulda pray the gay away.