Ocean waters off West Coast acidifying at twice the rate of global average, NOAA researcher finds

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I read through and still do not understand the significance of this event. Can somebody eli5? I also wish articles like this had a “what does this mean?” paragraph in the beginning. Thanks to ppl explaining it, but also what is the cause of this acidification?


Another thing that could contribute to human extinction. People do not realize how serious of an issue this is. r/Sapienism


Assumptions as to why without evidence is not practicing the scientific method. Just another day in climatescienceville. Jumping to concussions.


This devolves down to oceanic phytoplankton are our main source of oxygen. Where do the phytoplankton get the material to make oxygen? Do phytoplankton have fusion reactors that they use to make oxygen, or do they break CO2 into sugars and O2? EDIT: fixed devolved => devolves.


Stop pouring your meth in the ocean Oregon, damn.