[Planning] So I Just Moved To Kansas City.

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Congratulations. You are a rock star. You will need to find a very cheap room situation, probably with roommates or a basement apt. People at work are a good resource. Ask the shelter if you can trade work for staying a bit longer. They may have resources to help you find a place. Until then, just pile up money.


work as many hours as they’ll let you, pick up extra shifts, and save as much as you can say 70% of income +. After a couple months you’ll have a couple thousand which will let you get an apartment. Get 2/3 roommates. Then once you’re settled make a long term plan. Maybe you want a car. Or to go to school. And save for those and retirement. You’re doing great good luck!


Some very rough math: $13 x 35 hrs = $455 a week $455 x 4 weeks (usually) = $1820 a month Taxes will be withheld, I assume. Federal, state, social security, Medicare. Total of 20-ish percent will be taken out of each check. $1820 x .8 = $1,456 estimated take home pay per month. Some suggest that no more than 30 percent of your salary goes to rent. That’s $456 in your case. Public transportation is very limited in KC, in case you hadn’t figured that out yet.


you should post this to r/kansascity and welcome ❤️


network like crazy…maybe find a good church…it would be cool to find an atypical rent situation like a granny flat over someone’s garage, a basement with separate entry…maybe multiple roommates (think living like poor college students).