Poll finds most Canadians want Huawei barred from country’s 5G networks – Survey also found 66 per cent of respondents viewed China negatively

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Most Canadians view a dictatorship negatively? Im surprised there arent more, tbh.


I regret buying a Huawei phone.


It’s kind of hard to look at China favorably when they keep locking up Canadian citizens who travel there.


>Do you think the federal government should allow malicious foreign intelligence agencies to spy on us? >Yes/No


Strange that most people have a negative view of a telecom company from a Communist Dictatorship.. especially while China is using facial recognition to identify protestors in Hong Kong. I know this is not a ‘hot take’ or a new view, but I cannot understand free government allowing this tech which will certainly be used against them inside their borders. Let them hack in, like the good old days. Make em work for it again. /s