Scientists have developed a sponge that removes over 90 per cent of oil microdroplets from wastewater within ten minutes. After use, the sponge can be treated with a solvent, which releases the oil from the sponge. The oil can then be recycled; the sponge, ready to be used again.

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And what of the solvent?


“is this spill sponge-worthy?”


The video was disappointing, I wanted to actually see the sponge working.


on a walmart shelf near you Christmas 3002AD.


This doesn’t seem that impressive. We already use a centrifugal purifier at work to get oily slop down below 15ppm for discharge, and it isn’t that expensive by industrial standards. A 90% reduction in oil content isn’t even close to what is legally required in many US industries. Maybe this is just the start and it has a lot of room to improve, though.