Self-Driving Mercedes Will Be Programmed To Sacrifice Pedestrians To Save The Driver

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Thank God we have facial recognition tech so it can figure out the low credit scores if it has to hurdle through a crowd. EDIT: Thanks for the silver! Also, I should have written hurtle, but I am making too many “sounds like” spelling errors these days to get too bothered by it. Plus, it’s funnier this way.


What a sensationalized bullshit headline. The programming will do what all driver safety courses instruct you to do: never swerve recklessly to avoid a pedestrian or animal that has chosen to step into the path of your vehicle. It’s frightening how many people don’t remember this very elementary rule of driving.


why is article dated 2016, that’s ancient as far as self driving tech comes.


Of course it will be. Potential buyers would not buy a car if they knew it would decide the opposite. Mercedes is simply programming the car to do what most drivers would do.


A less click-bait headline: Self-Driving Cars Will Be Programmed To Protect Driver.