Senators Have A Choice: Convict Trump Or Crown Him | Letting the President Get Away with Contempt of Congress Will Make the Legislative Branch as Irrelevant as the Roman Senate

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It’s like they were projecting the entire Obama admin because they couldn’t wait to do it themselves.


If they back a king over country they will have destroyed the US and betrayed the millions who have fought and died for the constitution. All for a failed game show hazbeen. A crime against humanity, millions will suffer and die from the pubes choices.


The problem is that precedent no longer matters. If the GOP lets him get away with this, and a Democrat president later tries to do the same, the GOP won’t give a shit about what happened in the past. Rule and order mean nothing anymore. It’s simply become Republicans vs Democrats


Stop acting like conservatives have any respect for the Constitution.


Saving you the effort: The GOP will crown him