Single-use plastic ban becomes law on Oahu: Mayor Kirk Caldwell on Sunday signed into law one of the nation’s strictest bans on plastics, which will prohibit all single-use plastic plates, bowls, cups and serv­ice ware on Oahu by 2022.

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In my opinion all plastic that cannot be recycled should never be produced.


Now if they could just do something about the homeless people leaving their used needles on the beach every night.


I work at a 3D printing company. I always hate watching wasted plastic and there’s nothing I can do about it. I know we pay like $10/kg of plastic, and I wish there was a “recycling tax” upon purchase of plastic. Plastic costs $50-150/ton to recycle. That means that the raw plastic would go up a max of $0.15/kg. If our supplier marked that up 20%, that means I’d see $0.18. I would gladly pay $10.18/kg of plastic instead of $10/kg of plastic to have the peace of mind knowing that the cost of recycling it has been already paid for.


Good. I work in the garbage industry. We throw so much crap away it’s sickening.


Good for them. At this point I’m all for passing the laws, and then letting the multibillion-dollar corporations figure it out. Given the proper motivation, they’ll come up with the solution.