Someone stole $950 from my bank account via ACH. How??

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All they need is your account number and your bank’s routing number to initiate a debit. Fortunately, as long as you report the fraud within 60 days, you are virtually guaranteed to get your money back. You should consider changing your account number.


You need to involve the banks fraud departments. Report this it is a federal crime and this Gloria Gonzalez can go to prison for defrauding a bank. They have entire departments that can handle these sort of matters. The bank will likely freeze the offending account and initiate a investigation.


The how doesn’t really matter. File a fraud dispute with your bank.


Just another reminder that US banking is woefully insecure and that all it takes is two numbers to pull from an account. (Yes, there might be many unseen anti-fraud detection methods that banks use, but that still doesn’t prevent all fraud. And when it does happen, it’s up to the consumer to notice and shut it down.) We can quickly (un)lock debit and credit cards. Why not have the same ability for ACH transfers?


You can stop giving your bank routing and account numbers out. Use autopay with your credit cards rather than auto draft using the account. You can also use Plastiq to pay bills that don’t accept credit cards. That Gonzales woman likely isn’t the person who took your money. Whoever stole your account info likely stole hers as well. Edit: They can recall ach transactions. They aren’t permanent for some time. That’s why you have to wait for something to “clear” when you send or receive money, like a check. You’re thinking of a wire. A wire is permanent.