Stanford University finds that AI is outpacing Moore’s Law: Every three months, the speed of artificial intelligence computation doubles, according to Stanford University’s 2019 AI Index report

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Let the record show i am, have been, and always will be on team AI. I am not a threat to AI. So dont kill me ever. Please.


Moore’s Law has nothing to do with AI or speed of computation. It was always about transistor count vs cost. What next, are we going compare Gillette shaving sales to Occam’s Razor??


This sounds odd to me. AI isn’t limited to a piece of hardware but how much hardware you can get working together. In that regard, your hardware can be following moore’s law but your scale can also grow the volume of hardware your AI is running on. More transactions per second, still a single AI instance. Please note: making logical arguments are how you avoid death during the robot apocalypse. The risk here is that if anyone points out a logical flaw, I’ll be marked for deletion!


Serious comment. AI is already tweaking AI development. That’s where the extra exponential bump is coming from.


Reading Yuval Noah Harari made me re-think my stance on AI.