Stopped using credit cards and cut my spending down by half!

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Growing up I had an interesting experience that really shaped the way I see finances, and it revolves around this exact idea. I wanted a bean bag chair (idk why) for the longest time. I mowed lawns, saved up $300 cash (I wanted the denim version) and went to the mall. I originally told my mom to transfer the cash at the bank and she can just take it from my account. But she made me take $300 in cash to the register and buy the bean bag. The feeling of handing over that much money as a 7ish year old was wild. It was deflating. I thought of how many sidewalks I shoveled and yards I mowed. All to get a bean bag chair? It was a huge regret. I never used it. I’m much older now and that memory still sticks with me. Congrats OP. Having a handle on finances is such an unbelievably good feeling. No debt, limited rotational expenses you don’t forecast for, and predictability is key.


Congrats! Most people can benefit from using cash more than credit cards, but few actually run the “experiment” to see if they are one of those people. Credit cards offer so much cash back partly because they make so much off of you due to high spending.


80+ hours per week? That’s not healthy my friend,


Another way to put it is: you decided to spend less by cutting down on discretionary purchases. If you were overspending by $2000/month, that’s not just because you used a credit card.


Once you have the full control and you trust yourself.. go back to using reward cards and you’ll start earning money by using credit cards. But I do agree, only use them if you are not going to abuse them and you can pay them off each month in full.