Teen creates app to help care for grandmother with dementia, releases free for millions of caregivers.

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This is me! Am I commenting too late!? I am very surprised to see an article about me up here. I do not know what to do!


Would be cool to make an app that works like the plot of 50 first dates… To remind the person with dementia they are loved and cared for too? Maybe it wakes them up with a PRESS THIS BUTTON and a chime… And then proceeds to show them videos and messages of love – and important info… Idk. Day drunk at the mo! Haha Edit:Thank you, whoever you are, for the gold and silver. Makes me feel really nice!


Is it open source? I want to help!


As an in-home caregiver, I love this idea! I can’t use the app personally due to the company I work for and HIPAA, but I’m sure it’ll be useful to plenty of people doing personal care for family.