Tesla Hacker: The Rogue Mechanic Taking On Tesla (2019)

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This is Vice just kind of making a big deal out of a fairly common practice of using wrecked cars to scavenge parts to fix existing cars of the same model which are prohibitively expensive to fix through the dealer. People have been doing this forever. Its not like combustion engine cars all use universal parts. Pretty much every part for every modern car is specific to that car. You go through the same process to fix any modern car without getting the dealer involved. Almost all new car manufacturers use the same business model where the dealership tries to exercise maximum control over parts and repairs. The only point of this video is that Tesla cars don’t yet have an aftermarket, so you have to use salvage-yard parts. Oh well.


This doc barely scratches the surface of what Rich has gone through to get to where he’s at now, and how Tesla handles things like repairs and car accidents. His YouTube channel is really interesting. I think one of his best stories he’s covered was his journey buying a used Tesla through official channels and what a fucking nightmare it was. It’s pretty scary how poorly Tesla treats customers out of warranty, or even buying a used Tesla from their own website. His message isn’t anti Tesla, it’s clear he loves them and just wants to see the company do right by their customers.


Rich is a genius. The amount of shit he’s had to navigate shows his determination is off the charts too. Great youtube channel.


The real Tesla hacker is this Applied Science on YouTube. He goes into hacking the actual software system of a Tesla in order to build a custom UI.


Well, that’s Rich