The surface of the sun, an image taken just moments ago from my backyard. There’s a fireball larger than Earth coming off of it right now. [OC]

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The sheer scale of the sun still catches me off guard every single time. It truly is awesome. Great pic!


As the title indicates, this image was taken just moments ago as the sun set on the horizon. The fireball is actually called a prominence, a hunk of plasma caught in a magnetic loop and pulled away from the surface despite the sun’s immense gravity. Our sun is at it’s most boring right now, but still is fascinating to watch. This was taken with a special solar telescope. Don’t point a regular telescope at the sun. For more space goodness, find me on instagram @cosmic_background


Sometimes, when i hear about the scale of the universe, it just feels like it can’t be real. Like, a flame the size of earth? And its barely a blip on the surface? Its just mind boggling.


Ugh. I wish I could get a good telescope setup. Stupid wife, kids, and houses.


Damn that’s cool, I didn’t know you could get personal telescopes that are that good.