Those that are bilingual, what have you heard from others that don’t realize you can understand them?

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I’m French. I was in NYC, on top of the Empire State Building and a young couple was standing next to me admiring the view, the guy turns to his gf and says in French “ahh I need to shit so bad”. I couldn’t not laugh.


Had a customer speaking korean and I heard them say the coffee was good and I said thank you in korean. They were super nice and tipped more than I thought they should have.


Strangers in my city. They were German and I am half German half Italian (I live in Italy guys) and they asked me in english where they had to go to reach the city center. I told them where (in english again) and than put my headphones on,but I could hear them say: “look,I told you,not every Young person is bad. For example this girl:she could have ignored us but she helped us” (in German) they were an old couple. I love these two.


Hard to describe but I thought it was adorable. I was at a weekend retreat for people studying Sign Language. It was held at a residential school for the deaf and the children were away at home but a few teenagers were hanging around. A couple of the teen boys were trying to flirt with a girl. I wasn’t paying close attention, and I’m not fluent anyway, but I could tell one boy was asking the other boy to talk to the girl for him, probably because he was too shy to talk to her himself. Finally I “overheard” (oversaw?) the boy ask her “What is your weight?” The girl looked confused and a little disgusted. He repeated the question. The first boy slapped the second boy’s hands away and emphatically signed “What is your NAME?” The girl was happy enough to answer that and I was glad none of them could hear me laugh out loud.


I started dating a girl and decided I’d learn her language (Punjabi) but I obviously didn’t tell her because I wanted to keep it a surprise. Anyways, that’s how I found out she was cheating on me because I overheard her conversation with her friend. 8 months of effort gone in vain.