TIL Hawaii’s lava flow has added 570 acres of land to Hawaii’s Big Island since 1983

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To answer a question I see asked a few times here: The 2018 eruption alone created about 875 acres of new land, which the state of Hawaii owns. Folks who owned land in the eruption zone still own their land, it’s just covered in black rock now. The linked article is outdated – from before the 2018 eruption concluded. There are tons of fascinating facts about the eruption regarding how much lava was flowing, the volume and speed of it, how it was more by X date of this eruption vs. all of the 1950s flow or 80s flow, etc. I live in Puna, 10 miles from Leilani, so witnessed the entire event, rode out all the earthquakes, flew over the lava river in a helicopter a few times, and now I frequently go to the new black sand beach it created – all very amazing stuff.


Is any of the land habitable?


Unfortunately the new land is state owned. Have some friends there who used to have beach side property. They managed to save their house, but now the beach is much farther out, across land that isn’t theirs, and the road is still covered in Lava rock, so getting to their house takes a little off-roading now. They sometimes think about what if the lava had claimed their home so they could’ve gotten paid out to go get a new beachfront home that’s road accessible.




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