TIL in 2007, reigning Jeopardy! champion Scott Weiss purposely placed his final bet in such a way as to force the first three-way tie in the game’s history. He said he knew he could have bet more and won the game, but thought it would be fun to force a tie instead.

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Can’t do this anymore though. They implemented a tiebreaker a few years ago.


This kind of reminds me of John Carpenter, the guy who called his dad on the million-dollar question, only to tell him that he’s going to win a million dollars (and not the guy who directed *The Thing*). Not one man should have all that power


>Only the winning contestant gets to keep the money and play on. So all Weiss had to do was bet enough to beat the others by at least one dollar. Instead, he bet enough to bring his score to exactly $16,000, creating the first three-way tie in the history of the show. >Back in his living room, Wood was stunned. >”My wife was in the kitchen making dinner, and I definitely yelled out, ‘There’s a three way tie on Jeopardy!’ ” he says. “I think my wife was not as impressed as I was.” >Wood thought it was a fantastic act of sportsmanship. “I thought about it a lot in the last two years,” he says. Love how the article is about the guys who wrote a song about the people who did the three way tie lol


Trying to figure this out. You write your amount before hearing the answer? Depending on the amount the other two waged and their confidence, how can you know what to bet to ensure a three way tie? I mean, if the other two were tied and you assume they both bet the max and were correct, then you could calculated your amount to ensure you met this amount. But even then, there is not way to force a three-way tie.


What a legendary madlad