TIL of Matvey Kuzmin, known as ‘Lone Wolf’, the oldest person to be awarded Hero of the Soviet Union. During WW2, a Nazi battalion paid him to lead them to the rear of Russian defenses. Instead, he led the battalion directly into an ambush. Realizing his betrayal, the Nazis killed him. He was 83.

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God Damn the balls….Knowing you’re going to die and easily could have avoided it. This guy literally walked to his own death by choice, step by step, knowing with each step his life was closer to being over. Incredible.


Pretty badass to simply be an 83-year-old man hunting and fishing to stay alive in 1940s Russia.


Is it any surprise that the Soviets referred to WW2 most commonly as the Great Patriotic War? Say what you want about their system, but the world should heap way more credit onto the Soviet Union for what they sacrificed in that war.


Remember, you’re never too old to kill fascists.


The heroism of Communists (Russian or otherwise) on the Eastern Front is unparalleled in human history.