TIL Pooping can be a life-threatening experience for a Sloth. They take a dump around once a week and have terrible constipation. A single poop can be up to a third of the Sloth’s body weight.

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The sloth’s committed strategy for survival isn’t terrible teeth or fast movement, it’s concealment. They look like foliage and they smell of mould, they hide in plain sight. Their poo on the ground would be a total giveaway so they risk coming down to the ground in order to bury their poo away from where they sleep. Constipation is a big plus if you’re a sloth.


Even better, they always go to the same spot to poop. People know this, because that’s how sloths find each other to mate. The male sloth just kinda hangs out near a female’s poop palace and when she finishes, he’s like, “So, now that you’re done with that….”


TIL I’m a sloth.


Imagine the relief, though


I would love to shit once a week and lose 30% of my body weight.