TIL that Ishinosuke Uwano, a WWII Japanese soldier who had been missing since 1958, was found alive in Ukraine aged 83. He’d been declared dead in 2000. He hadn’t visited Japan in 60 years and had to enter the country on a Ukraine passport.

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Lots of Japanese prisoners were sent to forced labor by the Soviets until it’s capitulation Some of them just stayed behind There’s a comic somewhere by some guy who’s experienced it it’s really neat but I can’t find it


There is also the story of another Japanese soldier who was found recently in the jungle somewhere. Not realizing the war was already over (for 30+ years).


The last sentence was that last year officials went to the Philippines to investigate a rumor that one veteran still hides there in the jungle. The war is over for 74 years. I know there were soldiers found after 30ish years but damn, if someone is still out there, that’s a fucking achievement.


He’s still alive, 97 years old.


>WWII Japanese soldier who had been missing since 1958 Hmm…