TIL that wood can now be made stronger than steel and nearly as bulletproof as Kevlar (but at only 5% of the cost)!

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Is it flexible though? Strapping on your 4×8 bulletproof vest sheet may prove difficult.


I feel like fully bulletproof is a lot better than mostly bulletproof.


For a one-liner, the title summarize the article rather well. The article does answer most of the usual questions left open by the title : which strenght, compression, shear, … and “what do they mean as ‘nearly as bulletproof” (the answer is at same thickness) ?


Lol @ the part where they try to make wood windows. They basically strip it of it’s pigments, turn it to much and pour plexiglass into it for a result that is let’s light through. They essentially made plexi glass with wood in it.


Counterpoint: steel doesn’t rot, absorb moisture and it’s easily recyclable.