TIL Titanic actually had more lifeboats than was required of her. Its 20 lifeboats could only carry 38% of its passengers at full capacity, but safety regulations were so outdated at the time that it legally required only 16 lifeboats.

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The Titanic sinking lead to a huge overhaul of ship safety regulations that honestly made it better. Its probably the direct reason all cruises have emergency drills before you even take off, to prevent the panic the Titanic saw.


Safety regulations are written in blood.


Second Officer Charles Lightoller also denied men access to the lifeboats he was in charge of, opting to send the boats down with empty seats rather than let men board them. Chief Officer Henry Wilde let a limited number of men on the boats only if there were no other women or children nearby. The first lifeboat to enter the water only had 28 people on it, though it was rated for a capacity of 65. This is because the crew thought the boats would buckle under the weight of 65 people, and planned to fill the boats up to capacity after they were in the water. This did not happen. The boats had actually been reinforced with steel beams, but the crew was not told this.


They couldn’t get off all the life boats they had already.


Before the Titanic Disaster, lifeboats weren’t intended to hold the entire passenger body until help arrived; they were intended to ferry the passengers to the rescuing ship or to shore.